The Future of Paper-Craft


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Howdy players new and familiar!

A large majority are already aware, but we'd like for there to be no surprises about the future of Paper-Craft.

Minecraft has been dying, in our opinions, since Microsoft's acquisition. The Java community has been forcefully split and many have left. Of those remaining, a MASSIVE multiplayer server which has shaped the entirety of the game has stepped up and decided they could do better. Even if you've never played Hypixel or heard their name specifically, surely you've heard of games such as Bedwars and Skyblock. The contributions they've made have been impactful across all servers and even the base game itself. As the base game continues to be disappointing update after update, Hypixel has moved on and created Hytale.

Hytale promises to do everything Microsoft & Mojang -refuses- to do, such as vertical slabs and stairs. Custom mobs and items will be extraordinarily easy and fun to create, as one user can detail the art side of the model while another codes and rigs it in real time. We'll be able to have server-wide movie nights and watch stuff together! There's so, so much to unpack here! Check out the trailer below:

There's two major points that make Hytale more promising than any other modern game:

1) If you'd like to join us there, it's going to be free!

2) Hytale is utterly committed to creating the best game possible and doing it right, the first time. They're not going to release a paid beta, delay it for four years, then "release" it and charge for new content. None of that kinda crap!

In their own words (taken from their blog post in November seen [here]):

"We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has expressed their excitement for Hytale, produced fan works, or made articles or videos about our game. Your enthusiasm is the reason that we’re making Hytale, and also the reason that it’s so important that we get it right.

The scale of the reaction to our game has changed everything for us. Our origins as Minecraft server operators shapes who we are as a team, and in many ways we're still modders at heart. For our first solo project to receive this level of attention has been amazing, but also intimidating.

Expectations are high and rising all the time, and the level of anxiety on the team has risen alongside them. It’s incredibly important to all of us that Hytale lives up to its potential, and as such it’s been necessary to step back and take stock in order to ensure that we’re headed in the right direction.

Hytale is an ambitious project and we have set high standards for ourselves, but the bar has been raised even higher by the community response. It’s fair to say that we weren’t prepared for the degree of intense analysis that we’ve received, and we’re highly aware of the risks that have faced highly-anticipated games in the past. We know we’ve only got one chance to make a strong first impression with the finished game."

Hytale is estimated to release sometime in 2021. This gives us over a year to continue on Minecraft, and it will likely not be an immediate move after it launches. However, we are very excitedly looking forward to this and really hope you'll join us there. The Minecraft side of the server may remain for a while even after the release; as there are three owners, there may be a desire to keep -both- game servers running.

Anyone who has played on Paper-Craft will be given some form of compensation when moving to the new game however! The higher your rank, the more you will receive. Donators will be given comparable levels of perks as well. We will do our absolute best to take care of those that have made our community what it is so far.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about the trailer? Does it look like something you'd enjoy? Let us know!