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Chat Rules
  1. English only in global chat.
    -- Do not use special characters, including non-english accented characters.
    -- Use /msg (name), /r to respond, or /l for local (up to 1000 blocks) to speak to players in other languages.
  2. No spamming, flooding, or excessive/repetitive caps.
  3. No links in Global. Do not advertise/discuss other servers in global OR message.
  4. Swearing is allowed up to a point. Actively verbally attacking a player is not permitted. Do not harass others. Use /ignore if you have a problem with a player.
  5. No racist/political/hate speech garbage. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  6. Do not dodge the filter. It exists for a reason and guaranteed the words you're attempting to use violates a rule above.
  7. Do NOT impersonate staff! - This includes changing your name to resemble a staff member's, claiming to be a staff member or alt thereof, or telling people how they'll be punished. That is NOT for YOU to decide!
  8. Please don't ask for staff rank, OP, creative, etc.
  9. If a staff member says to drop the conversation, DROP IT. It doesn't matter who started it or who was involved; whoever continues will receive punishment as well.
Failure to comply will result in a mute. Repeated offenses will result in a tempban+.
If user is Guest rank and floods chat, spams links, or posts racial or offensive garbage as their first act on the server, they will receive a permban.
Talking about other servers or putting links in global will result in a mute; linking a server will result in a 7-day tempban. Spamming links or server links/names and further offenses will result in a permanent ban.

Server Content

  1. No hacking, duping, x-ray, or glitch exploitation. This includes (but is not limited to) abusing chunk rendering errors or other in-game known bugs to find dungeons, chests, ores, etc.
    -- Hacked clients will result in an immediate perm ban.
    -- If you are found x-raying/abusing glitches, all items in your inventory will be destroyed and you will be banned for 30 days. Second offense results in a perm ban.
    -- Duping will result in a perm ban. This includes but is not limited to 0-tick machines.
  2. No offensive usernames or skins.
    -- You will be asked once to change it. Refusal to cooperate will result in a 30-day tempban. Returning with the same or similar will result in a perm ban. (if you change your skin/username before the ban is over, you may post a ban appeal depending on the situation)
  3. Trolls will not be tolerated. Be a productive, polite member of the community or find a server that will suit you better. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  4. No offensive builds, signs, books, map art, or item names.
    -- On first offense, items/builds will be destroyed and result in a 30 minute jail. Second offense will result in a 7-day tempban. Third offense will result in a 30-day tempban. Further offenses will be a perm ban.
  5. No lag machines. No flying machines outside of claims.
    -- Punishment is the same for offensive builds.
  6. If you are banned, muted, or jailed, you may not use an alternate account to evade your punishment.
    -- Mutes and jails will be applied to the alternate account for the same duration as the main.
    -- Ban evading will up your ban by one tier. (ex: if you're banned for 7 days for offensive build and return with an alt, both accounts will be banned for 30 days)
If you suspect anyone else of any of the above, please do NOT call it out in global chat or attempt to message the person yourself! Message a staff member and we will look into it. :)

Player to Player Conduct
  1. TP-killing is NOT legal.
    -- Don't push players out of spawn. Also don't afk in spawn.
    -- You may be jailed for your safety if you're found AFK at spawn. Message any staff member when you return!
  2. Trapping around your base IS allowed.
    -- You may NOT tp someone to you with the intention of leading them into a trap, including mob-infested areas. Give prior warning if you're summoning them to help/trade with you.
    -- If there's a risky area (such as lava trashcan or other traps), put a Keep Out or Danger sign or warn the person you're teleporting
  3. PVP and griefing is enabled outside of claims. Combat timer lasts for 3 seconds before you can tp away/place blocks/etc.
    -- If you're hit outside of your claim, running inside will not prevent you from being hit/killed.
    -- Again, you may not tp someone to you with the intention of leading them beyond borders to kill them.
  4. Dragging/pushing people out of their claim or into damage-enabled areas is not allowed.
  5. "Claim camping," setting a home outside of a player's base and harassing them for hours or more, is not permitted. Grief it, kill them, and move on!
  6. Claims must have 100 blocks between claim borders. (amended 7/24/19)
    -- Claiming around others with the intention of keeping them from expanding is not allowed. You may not use claims to grief.
    -- If you're building with friends or have permission from neighbours, claims can be less than 100 blocks apart or border directly.
  7. Scamming is NOT allowed.
    -- This includes having a third party interrupt the trade, intentionally giving bad deals, and not delivering on services.
  8. Offering "IOU" trades is not supported. Similarly gambling is also not allowed.
    -- Pro tip: Trade in a chest so there will be a record in case anything goes wrong, doesn't get delivered, or a party disconnects.
    -- First offense for scamming/gambling will result in a 30m jail, second offense 7-day tempban, third 30 days. Further will result in a perm ban.
    -- If you disagree with a staff member's decision, you may ask another for their opinion or post on the forums.
  9. Have fun!
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