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These ranks are earned by a combination of reaching targets as you play, and voting for us on the Minecraft server ranking sites.

The gameplay requirements may seem high, but bear in mind that they are based on your whole time playing on the server. You can only vote three times a day, so it will take you a while to get enough votes to rank up - by which time, you should have reached many of these targets without even trying.

For other targets you may have to go out of your way a bit! You can always ask for help from other players. Ranking up is not a test, it's just a way of giving people something to aim for, rewarding long-time players for sticking around, and weeding out trolls and sockpuppet accounts. If you're stuck on a requirement, ask around. People are usually happy to help.

You can always do /ranklist in-game, then click on a rank to see what the requirements are and how many of them you have completed. You can also open the "Statistics" panel in Minecraft to see your totals for the server.

RankVotes NeededPlay RequirementsRewards
Guest0None1 sethome
2,500 starting claimblocks
150 claimblocks/hr
iron helmet x1
iron chestplate x1
iron leggings x1
iron boots x1
diamond pickaxe

iron ore x150

+ travelled at least 150 blocks by boat
3 sethomes
enchanting table x1

wheat seeds x1
potato x1
carrot x1
obsidian x10

+ used a flint and steel
+ travelled at least 5,000 blocks
+ traded with 1 villager
+ caught 128 fish
5 sethomes

/workbench (/wb, /craft)
You must currently have 2045 XP (35 levels). The XP will be consumed when you rank up.

brewing stand x1

Picked Up
birch log x64
spruce log x64
oak log x64
dark oak log x64
diamonds x64

+ enchanted 1 item
+ used a brewing stand 9 times
+ travelled 1,000 blocks by boat
+ ridden a horse for 10 blocks
7 sethomes

diamond ore x200
lapis lazuli ore x200
emerald ore x6
gold ore x400
iron ore x400

zombie x250
skeleton x250
spider x250

+ traded with 20 villagers
+ enchanted 5 items
+ travelled 20,000 blocks
+ ridden a pig for 200 blocks
9 sethomes
stone x100,000

shulker x12

+ eaten 5 golden apples
+ eaten 77 slices of cake (11 cakes)
+ killed 1 player in PVP
+ interacted with a beacon at least once
+ bred 50 animals
+ travelled 75,000 blocks
+ travelled 5,000 blocks by boat
12 sethomes
Banners: 8 layers
You must currently have 30,970 XP (100 levels). This will be consumed when you rank up.

iron ore x 3,000

wither x1

+ drunk 25 potions
+ enchanted 100 items
+ broken a diamond hoe
+ swum 25,000 blocks
+ played for at least 7 hours
15 sethomes
diamond ore x4000

oak sapling x300
birch sapling x300
spruce sapling x300

creeper x500

+ interacted with a beacon 20 times
+ flown 7,500 blocks by elytra
+ bred 1,500 animals
17 sethomes
175 claimblocks/hr
stone x 500,000

+ listened to all 12 music discs
+ ridden a minecart for 86,400 blocks
+ played for at least 20 minutes
20 sethomes
Banners: 11 layers

/enderchest (/ec)
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