How to change your Minecraft back to version 1.13.2

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As the server is currently running on 1.13.2, and will be until our plugins have been upgraded for 1.14, you will need to downgrade your Minecraft client to log on. Here's how!

First, open your game launcher and click on "Launch Options". If you don't see the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on the little menu icon to open it.

On the Launch Options screen, click "add new".

You'll see the following screen.

... and you can ignore almost all of those boxes. :p The important one is that drop-down menu marked "Version". Currently it says "Latest release." You want to click on it, and from the list that appears, choose release 1.13.2. Then give it whatever name you want in the "Name" box. I am boring, and have simply named it 1.13.2.

Click save. You'll see your new launch option in the list. Click on "News" at the top to get back to the main screen.

Next to the big green "Play 1.14" button, there's an arrow. Clicking it will bring up your list of launch options.

And now all you need to do is click on 1.13.2 - or whatever you named your version. The big green button will change...

And now you can play 1.13.2. The first time you run it, Minecraft will need to re-download the files for that version, so it may take slightly longer. After that, it will run as normal. If you want to switch back to 1.14, just select it from the same arrow menu next to that button.

If you're having any problems, ask for help on the Discord server.
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