FIRST Monthly Build Showcase!

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It's time to show off your best in Paper-craft's new monthly build contest showcase!

While some months may feature a specific theme or build type, for our first, we're looking at all of it! Houses, castles, sculptures, pixel art, map art, farms, you may submit anything as long as it follows the server rules. Builds must be your own original work. Submitting pixel art you googled or a mansion you built by copying a tutorial or other build is not permitted. Entering vanilla builds that you simply added banners and flowers to is not permitted. The only other rule is it needs to be built on the server. Creative/off-server screenshots will not be permitted.

There is no time limit for builds - they may be started whenever, even prior to this posting, and finished whenever (provided you enter it before the thread gets locked!) If you don't win this month, you may enter again until you do! There will be 3 top winners, as well as possible honourable mentions (HM's). HM's may re-enter in future threads, but 1-3 winners will not be able to. At the end of the year, we will select the best of all of the winners (including HM's)!

Users are required to submit their own screenshots and must keep all screenshots to a single post. You may use any shaders and/or resource packs of your choice. Users will not be touring builds (though you may offer tours on your own time), so make sure you give us your best ones! Users with stronger computers may also offer screenshot services with resource packs/shaders, though only the owner of the build will be rewarded. Teams are allowed as well, but users will need to divide rewards. [Keep an eye out for team months!]
Users may only submit ONE build per contest period. Make sure you choose wisely, though again, you're encouraged to enter until you win!

Get to the good stuff - what are the prizes?
First place this month will win an unbreakable Elytra, 32 shulker shells, and $50 worth of shop credit.
Second place will win an unbreakable tool set, 24 shulker shells, and $35 worth of shop credit.
Third place will win an unbreakable tool of choice (pick, sword, axe, hoe, shovel; can be upgraded with netherite), 14 shulker shells, and $20 worth of shop credit.
Honourable Mentions will earn 8 shulker shells and $10 worth of shop credit.

If there are a large number of entries in any months' contest, rewards will increase.

The last Thursday of every month will lock the previous month's build thread and start a new one. This thread will be locked on the 26th of February. Builds will be judged within a week.

Fill out the following form with your screenshots:

In-game username:

Build /home name:

(Optional) Lore/Description:


Show us what you got!
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In-game username: Riscat

Build/home name: Tsurube-otoshi Pagoda

Lore/Description: Tsurube-otoshi is a Japanese monster that usually hides in the tree tops jumping down on its victims killing and eating them. Tsurube-otoshi is usually depicted as a giant human like head. The Tsurube-otoshi has not been seen here for centuries but its lesser babies fall from the tree that is inside the pagoda when anyone gets near. It is rumored that the Tsurube-otoshi maintains the outside of the pagoda keeping the moss off the walls. Some of the villagers near by claim to have seen it cleaning the walls but no proof has been shown.











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