bug with /sethome and /home


New member
i was playing and i fund a place i could call home, i settled down and made a home for myself, then i used /sethome and it worked. then i logged off and logged ind
again and i died and i was sent to spawn, and i tired to use /home and it told me i didn't have a home set?? help.
and why cant i write ind chat.


Staff member
Do you still need help? :x It seems you logged off in your home and your /home takes you to the same base.

You may have changed your chat channel as well. Use /g to set it to Global. /L will set it to Local, which reaches up to 1,000 blocks.

If you're having difficulty in-game, you can try to /msg Durzek or another staff member for faster responses. We also have a /discord - https://discord.gg/famuxeq :)