Ban Appeal - XtremeSkittlz


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In-game Name: XtremeSkittlz
Date of ban: 03.01.20
Staff who banned you: Durzek
Type of ban: PERM/TEMP: 30 Day
Reason for ban: Being Annoying
Reason for appeal:


I understand the stupidity and at times annoyance that I exert to the players around me. When I lose my stuff, I ask people for an exchange of goods which I understand can be overwhelming to some, but I always keep the conversation in a nice manner. Once told to drop a conversation which I had done immediately and apologized. To be entirely honest, my poor relationship with the server owner may have been the cause of my ban. I was told at times that my behavior was annoying, but never told what I had done. To avoid this, I began to talk less and less, even interacted with other players and gave them free stuff to "make up for my sins". I was inevitably banned out of the blue after being griefed and attacked: I decided that if I faced the creeper-in-the end attacks and wither-attacks quietly, I would be left alone. I believe if the pure annoyance is the reason for my ban, all I wish for is examples and for you to reconsider if my behavior warrants a 30-day ban. However, if my ban was out of the contempt you feel for me, I ask for a third-party mod to review my behavior. I truly apologize once again for my over-optimistic, uppity attitude. I have built far too much, not build wise, but with the people in this server. The connections I have made with these people are far too strong to fall under the whims of my incompetence and be destroyed, for although I built a house, more importantly, I built a home. The jump from a verbal warning with no explanation to a 30-day ban seems far too extreme, for it skips the 30 min jail and 7-day ban that are suppose to take place before it. I promise to rectify this behavior by only speaking when spoken to or with any server questions/quick comments, and if ever an incident come up again may I be shown no mercy.


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I personally have a low tolerance for quite a lot of things. It's why the server has a set age limit of 16 minimum - either be 16+ or act it. If it was left to me alone, you would have been gone months ago. I defer to my staff team when making decisions however. We discuss things as a team, and large decisions are not made - or witnessed - alone.

You were banned vs muted or jailed because it would do you no good. You said it yourself - you're an attention whore. Likely you would have logged out, or kept relogging, just for the attention, as you've done in the past when "bored". Again it is my staff team that saved you here, as my vote had been for a perm ban.

The first time I warned you, you began trying to kiss my ass and bugging me constantly for attention. When I warned you again on how unwise this was, you turned to the players.
You apparently think it's funny to spam teleport requests, idiotically also sending them to a moderator. You bother new players with less than 5 minutes on the server, begging and spamming them to teleport you so you can "give them stuff." Since these players haven't even been given time to breathe or read the rules to know teleport killing is illegal, you drive them off. I've witnessed this several times, told you to back off new players, and you persist.
You beg players to build things for you with little to no pay, and continue hounding them about it even when they've said no several times. Asking a question occasionally is one thing, but you expect us to be your personal search engine without having to do any work yourself.

This makes the game unfun for everyone else. At this point, it goes well beyond my personal feelings. I would rather ban one player who refuses to listen than lose several who could have been great players.
Right in the rules, it says: We reserve the right to protect the our community and maintain the atmosphere of our server.
For a while, you have been ruining the atmosphere of our server.
If you're bored, find something else to play. If you're struggling to make friends, perhaps we are not your crowd.

Annoying people and begging and pleading for attention will not earn you friends. People will only tolerate you to shut you up, not have any loyalty or care for you, and no one will miss you when you're not around. You have 23 days left to consider your options. Observe people quietly and mature a little before you return.

If you'd like another moderator to weigh in, I summon thee: @Awk3n @ThoraBunny and @RDubYall