Ban Appeal - Pogipawn


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In-game Name:
Date of ban:
July 11, 2019
Staff who banned you:
Type of ban: PERM/TEMP
Reason for ban:
Moving items from creative to survival (Diamonds and Wood Logs)
Reason for appeal:
Honesty, this is more of an apology than anything else. I felt so welcome when i first joined the server, beautifully built and a very positive and helpful staff. I've never spent so much time in a server before, and honesty it was the first time I've ever made an online donation. It was a way for me to give back, as a thank you for helping me smile and actually letting me forget about all the shit that was happening in IRL. Durz, Rush, R Dubs, Dil.. all of you guys became good friends of mine, and i loved every second i was able to play with you. although brief i really cherished it. Even calls we had were really fun and i started to feel us bonding closer. I'm sorry for breaking your trust, and i'm sorry for taking advantage of your kindness. I'm unsure of what i was thinking at the time. I just know that was idiotic, stupid and i guess a sense of apathy that built up from stress. I'm not expecting too much from this or forgiveness, as i feel insanely guilty for what I've done, but i just want to be remembered as someone who at least apologized for their mistakes and promises to change. I'm sorry and thank you for everything guys.


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Unfortunately many people make mistakes that they instantly regret right after. However, you owned up to your mistake, and are actively trying to apologize for it, which I believe is a good sign. Many people shrug off things that they do, and/or deny that they ever did it, and that only leads to further problems. But because you have owned up to this, I believe a reduction in your punishment could be called for. Ultimately though the decision falls into Durzek's hands, but I look forward to seeing you in our server again once your ban is up.


Staff member
Gotta be honest here, this ban hurt.....

I was online when you guys were building in Creative, and I was stunned to see the ban come across my screen, and my jaw dropped as I read the reason.

From a personal perspective, I appreciate and accept your apology, and I do forgive you. I think people are entitled to errors in judgement, and especially entitled to forgiveness when they sincerely own up to their mistakes and apologize.

I'm also very sorry that you are going through tough times right now. As others have said, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you need to talk about anything at all.

With my Moderator hat on, I do enjoy playing with you and think you add a lot to the server. Your builds are great, and you contributed to some of the obstacles that we'll enjoy for some time. I do appreciate and accept your apology, but the offense is still there and must be dealt with in some manner. The Mods have spoken about this in some detail, and I have made a recommendation to Durz, at his request, concerning your ban.

I'll keep that recommendation mostly private, but will say that I ultimately support Durz's decision on this one, and echo Rush's words that I look forward to seeing you on the server once the ban is up.

Understand, though, that any future repeat of anything remotely resembling this, if it happens on my watch, will most likely need to be a permaban.


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I'm not a very trusting person and I know most people are fairly stupid, and obvious about it. Makes it easy to pinpoint the troublemakers early on and keep an eye on them. While I wouldn't necessarily call you stupid, you certainly are careless. You all but bragged about ruining servers with world edit and causing trouble. But I respected you when you jumped into my vc, brought up a troll subject, and when I told you not to talk about shit like that, you listened. That shows a willingness to amend, which goes a long way in a world of bull-headed idiots who think the world - online and off - revolves around them.

I had hoped you were serious about your plans to build a town. You've got a decent foundation to a build style that could develop rather nicely if you took yourself a bit more seriously. Minecraft is more than just a "kid's game," and capable of so much more than just building with bricks. It's a hobby for a large population, and an escape for many of us here on Paper. I don't promote seeking peer-to-peer therapy (as no one's actually qualified to help you here), but if you're having IRL issues, throw yourself into a build, get others involved, and you'd be surprised how much stress you can relieve. You'd made some friends fairly quickly, so you're not un-likeable. Stop making bad decisions.

Had you not left the discord group and blocked everyone, and refused to friend those that wanted to help, your ban could have been over a lot sooner. Within a week even. I'm glad you posted an appeal, but also wish you'd had the courage to talk to me instead of running.

I had banned you for 90 days. Though typical duping guidelines calls for perm ban, it was due to me putting you in creative to build, not by abusing mechanics.
It'll be reduced to 30 days. See you on August 10th.