Ban Appeal - Mrmetech


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In-game Name: Mrmetech
Date of ban: Am not sure didn't count
Staff who banned you: Durzek
Type of ban: Am not sure I was never told
Reason for ban: I got banned for saying !stop in chat as I was trying baritone out Which I think is a pretty cool project. I wanted to see what it was like using legitMine. Which only mines blocks it can see. Basically it dug more realistic holes but from rapid camera movements if you were to just spectate it you could tell it wasn't a person. I was just testing it cause I thought it was cool. I was banned for x-ray though which makes not much sense as I wasn't using x-ray xD.

Reason for appeal: It is a pretty cool server and it would be cool to be unbanned. I only got a stack of iron from it and even if I was unbanned am now going to lose a beacon with 164 blocks of iron, 10 diamonds blocks, almost max armour, an eltra which took me 10 hours to find (kind of sad ngl). Which I all got legit. So I mean kind of sucks, but I can say losing all of that for testing something and a stack of iron kind of sucks. I would like to be unbanned and am not going to try baritone on the server again. Losing hours of progress in 10 minutes. So yeah.


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Good afternoon!

You were banned for x-raying and having a possible hacked/modded client, which is against the rules. The particular add-on that you yourself have linked to requires a hacked/modded client to add. We saw that it clearly dug from one vein of ores to another in unrealistic mining patterns (such as digging straight down) for those not using x-ray or hacked/modded clients. If this were a system that you were wanting to test, we recommend testing them on another server which allows these clients or in a single player environment.

Please refer to the cited rules should you have any questions:

1) No hacking, duping, x-ray, or glitch exploitation. This includes but is not limited to abusing chunk rendering errors or other methods to find dungeons, ores, etc.
= Hacked clients will result in an immediate perm ban.
= If you are found x-raying/abusing glitches, all items in your inventory will be destroyed and you will be banned for 14 days. Users who x-ray immediately upon joining the server will receive a 30-day tempban. Second offense results in a perm ban and all claims/builds and items removed.
= Duping will result in a 30-day tempban on first offense. Second offense will be a permban.

5) Anything which gives you an unfair advantage over others is bannable. Including but not limited to chest organizers, mob hp, minimaps, duping, x-ray, etc. This also includes using Zoom in Optifine during PVP. You will be caught and you will be punished. If you don't want a vanilla experience, find a different server!

Your banning will end on February 24th, at which point you will be released back into the wilds of the server. However, we do expect you to follow the rules upon your return or any further shenanigans will result in permanent banning.

Your friendly neighborhood bun mod,