Ban Appeal - Kevinwong_tong


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In-game Name: Kevintong_tong
Date of ban: 4/28/2020
Staff who banned you: Durzek
Type of ban: TEMP
Reason for ban: X-Ray
Reason for appeal:

To whom this may concern,
Throughout my years of playing Minecraft, I have valued and seen myself as a stalworth player. Being truthful yet hardworking in my countless hours of Minecraft. I decided to join this server because I saw hope and potential for enjoyable moments in my Minecraft career; inviting my friends to join me in my adventure. However. these content yet hopeful moments were overcome by the drastic power of despair; known as the Banhammer. Administrated by the moderator Durzek, for the premeditated plan of x-raying. I'm truly sorry for the allegations and trouble I've caused. However, I did not commit this crime or violation, if possible, could you please submit your evidence. If there is a possibility, could you please shortening or lifting my ban. I hope we can be friends in the future and I can adjust my method of playing the game, to avoid being banned.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Kevin N. K. Wong (KevinWong_Tong)


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Having reviewed your ores in the order you mined them leaves no doubt of a substantial level of guilt. This is not random mining, nor is it strip mining. What upsets me most is, if your "friends" actually are legitimate and not hackers or trolls themselves, you've lied directly to them and have caused them to act out on the server, diminishing whatever reputation they might have had.

Accomplices are often banned alongside the hacker. Had you been smart enough to read the rules, and known this yourself, the ban appeal would have been a way for you to redeem yourself by admitting your faults. Instead, you stick to your innocent idiot act.

So let's have the proof! Hang on to your butts, 'cause this is gonna be a long one.

Here's a rare one of two cases where you may have actually legitimately found this ore. Or perhaps not, as the tunnel essentially ends there.

An interesting one! Just a plain unassuming granite wall?

Nope! Kevin found diamonds!

In a different location, you go down one way, dig into the wall for some diamonds, then change level. Keep your eye on the yellow-circled iron ore!

Perspective change, but there's our iron ores, as well as a cluster of diamonds, before you turn and hit another cluster.

I think mineshafts are scary. You must agree, because here you decide to backtrack. Oh hey! A cluster of diamonds randomly dug straight toward.

You jumped around quite a bit. Here you have a random tunnel down to diamond.

We jump locations again, and here we have our second super rare possibility of a legitimate find!

Some coal leads right to diamonds. Did you know compressing coal into diamonds is a myth though? Not in Minecraft, apparently:

Unfortunately, any chance that might have been legit were thrown out the window with this next path. If you look closely on the left, and just right of the coal, you can see the above "legit?" diamond cluster:

This is just getting cocky at this point. Your path stops here. Did your diamonds burn? I sure hope so.


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But wait! There's more! The fun's just getting started.

Now we have this trip. You cross over here through some iron and find diamonds:

Your path from there:

Then you continue back, crossing under your own path, and find more diamonds. Magically, you know even to step down to get the next cluster! What a wizard! o:

And again, your paths line up perfectly with diamonds. Congrats on completing Ice Bucket Challenge, did you learn your lesson from above?

Another angle, with the cluster marked as 2 above now in the foreground:

After making obsidian, you continue on. Now this one's my favourite, because it's the last of the ones I have from review and the beginning of something extra fancy. Ignore the diamond on the left, as we'll see that one again soon. The one on the right continues your path:

Hello, guilty! What is it you're looking at? This is not an isolated incident, nor are you simply standing there. Trust me, I have a cat, I am no stranger to some flailing cameras and funny dances. I also have been catching people like you long enough to know when someone sees something interesting that they otherwise should not. Or perhaps were you having difficulty toggling options in a client?

And he's off again! What is it you see this time?

Iron? o:

Diamonds?! O:

You seem particularly interested in iron, as this cluster wasn't even attached:

Oh! I see! More diamonds!

Then you decide to backtrack and dig another tunnel. You stop and look up in a corner. And yes, there was a cluster there, how nice of you to leave it for the next guy. Or did I get to you first?

After digging a straight line, you backtrack again. I get a nice pair of screenshots here. If you flip between them, it's almost animated!


After screwing around for a minute, you backtrack some more and find a diamond just inside the wall:

Ah jeez hey wow what are the odds you'd find more:

I'm getting tired at this point. I got out of bed to come back and catch you. For whatever reason you felt the need to come back for this spot of iron:

Again you started backtracking for diamonds:

And some more diamonds:

Go ahead and tell me again how fine, upstanding, and trustworthy you are?
Lie to me, lie to your friends, lie to yourself, but you wanted proof and this is iron-clad. Or perhaps I should say diamond-clad.

Since you chose to play stupid, your 30 day ban will stand. If you return, make better choices.

To the "friends" of yours who could possibly be legitimate, it's a damn shame this is the kind of person you value and choose to defend.
If you're just like this one, you will be caught as well.

Don't be stupid.