Ban Appeal - bigfatminer


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In-game Name: bigfatminer
Date of ban: 7/17/2019
Staff who banned you: Durzek?
Type of ban: PERM/TEMP: Idk. it just says i was banned, but considering the reason I assume permanent?
Reason for ban: Hacking, Troll
Reason for appeal: First I want to start with the trolling aspect: I was chatting with people, cracking jokes and whatnot, but I wasn't "trolling" (at least, It wasn't my intention to troll anyone). I wasn't being mean or rude or anything (at least I don't believe I was. I was just trying to chat and be funny, but If I did say something that was offensive or seemed sarcastic or targeted towards someone then I do apologise: that was not my intention. If I'm unbanned I suppose I'll just have to be more tactful with what I say on the server. My impression was that the server was supposed to be lighthearted and unserious, but I supposed I misread the people and ended up coming off bad, and that was not my intention.)
As for the hacking aspect of my ban: I'm gonna sound stupid, but I just don't understand any other way to say this: I wasn't hacking. I don't want to sound disingenuous but honestly... I'm sorry but I just don't understand why this was even included... If I was told what i did exactly that made it look like i was hacking maybe I could explain myself or something? but apart from that I genuinly just don't understand...

I apologise for anything that I did wrong. If it was explained more specifically what it was that I did wrong maybe I could explain or defend myself better? But honestly, with the way the situation was handled, and the fact that I was so new to the server, I really doubt that my appeal won't just be brushed off with little consideration. So If there was anyone I offended or in any way made feel bad that might be seeing this, I do truely apologise. But other than what I've already say I don't think there's anything else I can say.


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Okay, we can start with the trolling aspect :)

You stood on a tree for a long while spouting crap as soon as you logged on. When a mod showed up, you mentioned something about being a "CBT slave" and going so far as to suggest they google what it is. You're not cute, funny, clever, or 'edgy.' What you are is trying to see how much bullshit you can get away with before you get banned. You're a very common type that we've seen many times, and don't put up with here. Either be part of the community, or leave. I flat-out told you this, that I don't tolerate trolls, and you left for a while. When you returned, it was the same kind of bs, saying whatever you could to attempt to stir up chat.

So, here we come to the hacking aspect of your ban!
Either you are possessed or (the more likely cause) very obviously hacking. Myself and another moderator witnessed some next-level demon headspinning while you were out and about. Maybe you decided to go off and activate a client?

In the wild, your head would spin in crazy directions every time you walked off a ledge but your body would continue in the same forward direction. Once you started mining, your head would spin in the direction of ores. If you're moving your mouse in a circle and playing around and holding W, your model will walk in circles, not walk perfectly forward.

I banned you before any more filth could spew out of your mouth, as you were getting ramping up for some 'smart' response to our requests for you to change topics. Perhaps you should have been more tactful from the beginning, as first impressions are the most lasting. "So you know what b?" While I apologize for the late reply, our server is not the right fit for you. Good luck on your next, and hopefully you'll choose to make a better impression.


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There's a difference between trolling and having fun. What I was doing was having fun. I was cracking silly jokes that have no real life meaning, and chatting with people. If you believe I was trying to be "edgy" or trying to "pull bullshit", that's your problem. Not mine. I can't be held responsible for people taking a joke out of context. I am not a troll, I am just a human trying to make a connection with people.

I don't hack.