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  1. Durzek

    Creative Contest! (OPEN)

    It's time to launch our first creative-mode build contest on the server! No need to submit maps or screenshots, we have a dedicated world for everyone - and you can still talk to each other across maps seamlessly thanks to Dmnchild! The theme of this build contest will be a Minecraft theme -...
  2. Durzek

    FIRST Monthly Build Showcase!

    It's time to show off your best in Paper-craft's new monthly build contest showcase! While some months may feature a specific theme or build type, for our first, we're looking at all of it! Houses, castles, sculptures, pixel art, map art, farms, you may submit anything as long as it follows...
  3. Durzek

    Rank Shakeup, New Commands, Contests, and More!

    As Paper-Craft prepares to enter its second year, we thought it was time to reflect on our current systems and see where we could improve. First in our sights was our Ranks and rank-up requirements. While several requirements were tweaked, the server launched in 1.13.2, and several changes have...
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  5. Durzek

    There's a Visine for that

    There's a Visine for that
  6. Durzek

    Ban Appeal - Kevinwong_tong

    But wait! There's more! The fun's just getting started. Now we have this trip. You cross over here through some iron and find diamonds: Your path from there: Then you continue back, crossing under your own path, and find more diamonds. Magically, you know even to step down to get the...
  7. Durzek

    Ban Appeal - Kevinwong_tong

    Hello. Having reviewed your ores in the order you mined them leaves no doubt of a substantial level of guilt. This is not random mining, nor is it strip mining. What upsets me most is, if your "friends" actually are legitimate and not hackers or trolls themselves, you've lied directly to them...
  8. Durzek

    Brewery Content Contest! - New deadline May 16th

    Howdy, people! It seems Brewery is working and several are enjoying it already. However, there's only like 12 brews native to the plugin. So how about a small contest to expand our brews and get some rewards? o: It would be nice to have at least 30 new brews added. The more we have, the more...
  9. Durzek

    Brewery Plugin Added!

    Booze booze booze! Brewery plugin has been added~ Usage: Recipes: Also don't forget that there's a coupon & limited time items running in the shop...
  10. Durzek

    Shop Sale & Limited Time Items

    With the world slowly burning, we wanted to offer some discounts on our items and add a few fun things in the meantime. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to buy anything. PLEASE make sure you are fed and healthy before considering spending on anything unnecessary. This sale will last...
  11. Durzek

    Ban Appeal - XtremeSkittlz

    Hello. I personally have a low tolerance for quite a lot of things. It's why the server has a set age limit of 16 minimum - either be 16+ or act it. If it was left to me alone, you would have been gone months ago. I defer to my staff team when making decisions however. We discuss things as a...
  12. Durzek

    Ban Appeal- Unusual_Hatter

    I've several issues with this. First, your order of events is out of order. RDubYall and I were both there. Second, you wouldn't be able to stand your dogs up at Silverwood, only sit them. Third, as you two are friends, this is likely a retaliation for said friend being banned. You had yet...
  13. Durzek

    Staff Applications (Open)

    Bump :v
  14. Durzek

    The Future of Paper-Craft

    Howdy players new and familiar! A large majority are already aware, but we'd like for there to be no surprises about the future of Paper-Craft. Minecraft has been dying, in our opinions, since Microsoft's acquisition. The Java community has been forcefully split and many have left. Of those...
  15. Durzek

    Staff Applications (Open)

    Before you begin: We are looking for mature, patient, and reasonable staff who can follow directions and adapt to changes and criticism. The community is expected to be 16+. All staff must set an example for regular players and be familiar with the rules and resources to find answers. Staff are...
  16. Durzek

    Ban Appeal - bigfatminer

    Okay, we can start with the trolling aspect :) You stood on a tree for a long while spouting crap as soon as you logged on. When a mod showed up, you mentioned something about being a "CBT slave" and going so far as to suggest they google what it is. You're not cute, funny, clever, or 'edgy.'...
  17. Durzek

    bug with /sethome and /home

    Do you still need help? :x It seems you logged off in your home and your /home takes you to the same base. You may have changed your chat channel as well. Use /g to set it to Global. /L will set it to Local, which reaches up to 1,000 blocks. If you're having difficulty in-game, you can try to...
  18. Durzek

    Ban Appeal - Pogipawn

    I'm not a very trusting person and I know most people are fairly stupid, and obvious about it. Makes it easy to pinpoint the troublemakers early on and keep an eye on them. While I wouldn't necessarily call you stupid, you certainly are careless. You all but bragged about ruining servers with...