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  2. brightwanderer

    Player/Vote Ranks

    These ranks are earned by a combination of reaching targets as you play, and voting for us on the Minecraft server ranking sites. The gameplay requirements may seem high, but bear in mind that they are based on your whole time playing on the server. You can only vote three times a day, so it...
  3. brightwanderer

    This Is Where The Memes Live

    Got a meme, a GIF, or a funny animal picture that you've just gotta post? This is the place to do it. :P (From this Twitter thread.)
  4. brightwanderer

    Ban Appeal Format - Read Before Posting!

    You must use the following template when posting a ban appeal, otherwise your appeal will not be considered. Bear in mind that you are much more likely to be successful if you acknowledge the reasons for the ban, apologise if necessary, and indicate that you won't repeat the behaviour. If you...
  5. brightwanderer

    How to change your Minecraft back to version 1.13.2

    As the server is currently running on 1.13.2, and will be until our plugins have been upgraded for 1.14, you will need to downgrade your Minecraft client to log on. Here's how! First, open your game launcher and click on "Launch Options". If you don't see the menu bar at the top of the screen...
  6. brightwanderer

    Donator Ranks

    These ranks can be purchased from our store. Donator ranks get special vote rewards, extra claimblocks and sethomes, and access to a number of quality-of-life commands. The cost of ranks stacks, so if you buy Paladin, for example, Mystic will cost you less money. It is not our goal to profit...
  7. brightwanderer

    Server Commands

    To use a command, open the chat window by pressing t, then type the command. All commands begin with / Some commands are only available to specific ranks. Chat Commands /msg [playername] /w [playername] /pm [playername] Send a private message to another player /r Replies to the last...
  8. brightwanderer

    Server Rules

    Welcome to Paper-Craft! We expect players to at least act 16+ to play on our server. Chat Rules 1) English only in global chat. - Do not use special characters, including non-english accented symbols. - Use /msg (name), /r or /local to speak with others in other languages. 2) No spamming...
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