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    Brewery Content Contest! - New deadline May 16th

    I got a couple of... underground brews. (High gain, high loss) Name: Cave dust/ Miner's Incentive/ Cavern's Craving Ingredients: - Gold/14 -Iron nuggets/18 -Nether warts/22 -Dead fire coral fan/3 Cooking Time: 14 Distill runs: 2 Distill time: 60 Wood: Oak Age: 20(MC days) Colour: Light...
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    Ban Appeal- Unusual_Hatter

    In-game Name:Unusual_Hatter Date of ban:2020-02-14 Staff who banned you: Durzek Type of ban: Temp 7days Reason for ban:Griefing Reason for appeal: I put dogs at spawn and at silverwood for a "haha funny", which I regret. I was then told the next day "don't grief spawn you do that again you're...
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    Yo why am I jailed for 2 days?

    I don't know what I did. I moved all the dogs like that one mod said and that's the only thing I can think of that I did wrong. Please, I don't have to be right I just want to know; why?