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    Ban Appeal - XtremeSkittlz

    Hello. I personally have a low tolerance for quite a lot of things. It's why the server has a set age limit of 16 minimum - either be 16+ or act it. If it was left to me alone, you would have been gone months ago. I defer to my staff team when making decisions however. We discuss things as a...
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    Ban Appeal- Unusual_Hatter

    I've several issues with this. First, your order of events is out of order. RDubYall and I were both there. Second, you wouldn't be able to stand your dogs up at Silverwood, only sit them. Third, as you two are friends, this is likely a retaliation for said friend being banned. You had yet...
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    Staff Applications (Open)

    Bump :v
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    The Future of Paper-Craft

    Howdy players new and familiar! A large majority are already aware, but we'd like for there to be no surprises about the future of Paper-Craft. Minecraft has been dying, in our opinions, since Microsoft's acquisition. The Java community has been forcefully split and many have left. Of those...
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    Staff Applications (Open)

    Before you begin: We are looking for mature, patient, and reasonable staff who can follow directions and adapt to changes and criticism. The community is expected to be 16+. All staff must set an example for regular players and be familiar with the rules and resources to find answers. Staff are...
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    Ban Appeal - bigfatminer

    Okay, we can start with the trolling aspect :) You stood on a tree for a long while spouting crap as soon as you logged on. When a mod showed up, you mentioned something about being a "CBT slave" and going so far as to suggest they google what it is. You're not cute, funny, clever, or 'edgy.'...
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    bug with /sethome and /home

    Do you still need help? :x It seems you logged off in your home and your /home takes you to the same base. You may have changed your chat channel as well. Use /g to set it to Global. /L will set it to Local, which reaches up to 1,000 blocks. If you're having difficulty in-game, you can try to...
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    Ban Appeal - Pogipawn

    I'm not a very trusting person and I know most people are fairly stupid, and obvious about it. Makes it easy to pinpoint the troublemakers early on and keep an eye on them. While I wouldn't necessarily call you stupid, you certainly are careless. You all but bragged about ruining servers with...